WWE Network Lands in the UK – is it worth it?

The WWE Network is now available in the UK, I got my subscription yesterday and have been feasting on NXT and the Monday Night Wars, but I had to ask myself is it worth it?

The UK wrestling fans have been waiting for the WWE Network so they can enjoy the PPVs, documentaries, Total Divas and much more but is it actually worth the £9.99 they are charging people in the UK.

The network is more expensive than Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, its limited by the wrestling content but what it needs is to put all the wrestlers biography videos, backstage shows and Main Event on the guide to ensure the UK fans can enjoy the same type of content the US have enjoyed.

One of the highlights on the WWE Network is the first season of “Tough Enough” which spawned Maven, Josh Matthews and Chris Nowinski gives you a good first look at the wrestling industry but with a cheesy reality show twist.  The highlights of the show was Al Snow working with the contenders and some of their attitude to the business.

The other highlight is access to NXT and the chance to see the next generation of WWE wrestlers.. sorry superstars battling it out on the online show, demonstrating their ability on a small stage.  Within NXT you get to see stars like Finn Ballor (Prince Devitt), Hideo Itami (KENTA) Sami Zayn (Delirious) and Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen) and others who are all graduates from Dragons Gate USA and Ring of Honour.

How much SKY will disrupt the WWE Network is to be seen as they will be the ones to lose out the most if the Network is a success.  Who will pay £19.95 for the Royal Rumble 2015 on SKY when a 1 month subscription to the Network is only £9.99 and you get more.

Its going to be an interesting few months for the WWE and the UK Fans, I am excited.. but will I be in the 3 months time when Wrestlemania 31 comes around.

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