Welcome to the new Legend of Zelda…

The Zelda franchise has been one of my firm favourites of all time, always bringing an epic and exciting adventure to the table with plenty of nostalgia along for the ride. With the latest (and greatest) news that some new additions are coming for the franchise, including a rework of the classic ‘Majora’s Mask’ for the 3DS, it is set to be a very good year for Nintendo (and the players!). The most important announcement for me was the release of the beautifully crafted reborn Legend of Zelda.

The_Legend_of_Zelda_-_Majora's_Mask_(logo)As any fan of the franchise would know, it has always been the unique style of gameplay, adventure and gripping storyline that have kept fans yearning for more and, as current times still show, it seems the origins of the Zelda games are just as popular today as they were when they entered our lives back on the NES. Time has been no fiend to the series and each instalment offers exceptional gameplay and ever enhancing beautiful sceneries for us to enjoy. With some exceptional titles being offered on various platforms from main consoles to handheld devices, we were spoilt for choice and still are for that matter.

My firm favourites from the franchise, at this moment in time, are Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Windwaker. These, for me, were so gripping and visually enjoyable and it was hard for me to put down the controller. I could waste hours on these games, completing them over and over for the sheer enjoyment that the games brought me. After seeing the footage for the new Legend of Zelda, I could feel all of that nostalgia rush back and I know that this is a game I must own.

For anyone that hasn’t yet seen the gameplay footage for the new Legend of Zelda, you can view it below. Certainly not the same game that blessed our lives back in 1986! However, just like past Zelda instalments have shown us, it is certainly a welcomed transformation and it is everything I hoped it would be and more! It has taken the sense of adventure to a whole new level and is an excellent effort by the team. A world completely reimagined and the scenery is breath-taking!

I particularly enjoy the small subtle enhancements they’ve made to an already beautiful and vast landscape, such as apples growing on trees, falling leaves, realistic cloud modelling, shadowing and even the way that the grass and trees respond to the blowing of the wind. Superficial I know, but I appreciate the finer details as it reflects passion in the game design and development. The games on the Wii-U have always had the gamepad in mind and Zelda is no exception. I like that the map is displayed on the gamepad screen at a glance rather than pausing the game to gander. The graphics have notably improved since the E3 trailer screening and is promised to deliver on this in the final product. If so, Ubisoft… Take note.