Latest Xbox One update: Details announced

The Xbox One owners will be getting used to applying updates on a regular basis, these help both the performance of the machine as well as the user experience. The details of February’s update (Which is currently available to Beta users) have just been released by Microsoft with some interesting system tweaks.

One of the first is a new dashboard transparency system. This simply allows you to control how much of your background image you want to see. Now whether this means giving the on screen tiles a transparency is unknown but could be quite interesting.


Among the fancy features of this update is the inclusion of Game Hubs. What are Game Hubs? Well……. These are where you can find progression stats on the Xbox games you play as well as showing your achievements, DLC info, online leaderboards and Twitch videos. These would appeal to both the social and hardened gamer alike and would make it easier for the achievement hunters among us to keep track of how they are doing.

There are also details of a new tab being added which give details of highlighted TV shows (For those with TV into the consoles mainly) what will give random picks for your quality evening’s viewing. There is also going to be the option to stream this service to Windows and android devices, as of yet, no info on iOS connectivity but don’t doubt that this will be a later addition.

As part of the update, they will also be improving support for newer TV models. This will hopefully enable the Xbox to command newer models the same way as with older models, which, if you’ve tried it, can be pretty interesting.

What are your opinions on this update? Good additions or just more to fiddle with needlessly?

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