Arrow and The Flash Collaboration Thoughts

With the winter break on the go for both Arrow and The Flash, we can look back at how both these seasons have complimented each other and the idea of cross show continuity.

Currently on our airways, there are no TV shows (that come to mind) that cleverly join two similar shows together but still hold their uniqueness and appeal to fans.

I personally love the cross over, as it will keep me in check to watch each episode in turn to ensure I don’t get ahead on one and miss a reference to the other. However, I can see this being an issue for those who like to “binge” seasons as they will have to keep switching to the other show.

The only other content that springs to mind is The Avengers, which instead joins film characters together to make an epic blockbuster.

As both seasons have left us on large cliff hangers, we can only wait to see how they will end, and if there are any further joint episodes for both casts.

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