My idea of the next Bourne Movie

With the news that Matt Damon is returning the Bourne franchise and Jeremy Renner is “on hold” to star in any further Bourne movies, I always wondered what story they could create for a and with no plans in sight for them to team up, I wondered why don’t they do a Bourne  and Cross movie.

What if Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross teamed up to take down the CIA.

My fantasy plot would be split over 2 movies which would be:

The Bourne Pursuit
Jason Bourne comes out of hiding to uncover the agency behind the LARX Program (from the Bourne Legacy) and shut them down for good. With the chase taking part across Europe and the USA, Jason closes in on team responsibile for genetic testing on candidates. The film ends with Jason catching the leader of the team only for Aaron Cross to stop him at the last minute nearly killing him.

The Bourne Vendetta
Jason Bourne is near death after the conclusion of the last film, Aaron Cross puts his mission once he realises he nearly killed the only man who can shares his experiences. As Jason is saved from death by Cross they both realise the only thing holding their fragile partnership together is the hatred for the LARX Team now racing back to the CIA headquarters for protection. The CIA activate their other sleeper agents who were in the LARX program to find and kill Bourne and Cross are now hunting the hunters.

The highlight of the movies is the uneasy alliance and complete mistrust between both Bourne and Cross as they work together for their final time. The idea of Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner working against each other then joining forces appeals to a wider audience and could also provide a thrilling conclusion the franchise before they reboot it in 2020.

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