The best (and worst) Cosplay

There was a time years ago I would never have done any Cosplay for fear of being laughed at by others far bigger but not brighter than me, now times have changed. In the last few years Cosplay has become an artform to be admired by movie,comic, tv and gaming fans alike who get to see their hero in 3D, but there are some outfits which just make you want to look away.

With Comic Con coming up in May, the team at I Reek of Geek will be attending and we are having the internal debate about dressing as our favourite characters for the event, but with 5 lads from Devon visiting the show you might get farmer related cosplay.

To help us decide we I did a bit of scouring around the joy of YouTube and found some video collections of the best and worst Cosplay. If you have any ideas about how we can dress tweet them @iReekofGeekUK and let us know.

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