Big Hero 6 Review – A Huggable Movie for Kids and Adults

I saw Big Hero 6, with my 8 year old daughter, the movie is the latest digital animation from Disney studios and is based on the comic from Marvel and is the story about 13 year old genius Hiro and Baymax, a healthcare robot created by Hiros’ brother Tadashi.  The movie opens with Hiro being a reckless teen with a high IQ battling in toy robot fights, his brother Tadashi enlightens him to the potential to use his intellect at University instead of squandering it.

big hero 6

After Tadashis’ death, Hiro becomes a recluse until he accidentally activates Baymax who comes to his aid, its then the movie kicks into gear with the discovery of the villain in the Kabuki mask using Hiros’ microbots in his plan.  After a narrow escape, Hiro and his friends use science, technology and a set of upgrades to create the superhero team and gives Baymax a set of wings and rocket fists to take on the masked Kabuki villain with some surprises along the way.

Big Hero 6 main difference is the emotion it puts into its characters, the loss of a loved one and the comfort that Baymax provides in his soft marshmallow body and compassionate voice to makes him loveable and warm.  The film also demonstrates the camaraderie, team work and understanding they have for each other and what Hiro is going through since the loss of his brother.

I loved this movie and so did my daughter, she is already asking about buying the cuddly Baymax which was a pleasant change from the usual guns and ammo type of toys that exist.  For me this movie had some great effects mixing Anima and Digital animation together to create a neon utopia of San Fransokyo, but then the little touches of Baymaxs’ inflatable exterior and the detail in the Microbots constructions.  I did have a tear in my eye at some points but in true Disney fashion they turned a frown upside down.

Keep your eye out for the Stan Lee cameo in the movie which will make you laugh.

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